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ends 16 Oct 2022, 11:59 PM

She looks tough. She acts tough. But all she wants is some TLC. (Cue your favourite K-drama song.)

7-year-old street dog Xiao Bai unfortunately crossed paths with a truck. She was rescued by @SOSD and subsequently referred to Beecroft. Although she was on pain relief, Xiao Bai hated being in the dog ward alone and would constantly call out for attention (yes, that's her in photo 2, caught in the middle of a "Wooo").

It's hard to ignore her soulful eyes and woeful cries, so our nurses allocated a hotspot for her at the Emergency and Critical Care room where she could feel safe and still be one with the pack (photo 3). Xiao Bai loved all the scratchies on her chest!

A few days later, surgical specialist Dr Patrick Maguire worked on her hind leg amputation and Xiao Bai was soon out of the operating room where she was monitored (and cuddled) by surgical nurse Veron. When Xiao Bai's condition stabilised, she was moved to the dog ward for recovery where her new-found medical friends cheered her on with words of encouragement and ear-rubs.

Xiao Bai has since been discharged and is currently under the care of SOSD. We hope she soon finds her forever home with unlimited tender, loving care.

Xiao Bai's injuries were extensive, and required a CT scan and multiple surgeries, so that she can have a good quality of life after this ordeal. The total bills are expected to come up to $18,500. Please donate generously if you'd like to help her!

About Campaign

#Applied for Dollar-for-Dollar Matching Grant by TOTE Board Enhanced Fundraising Programme

Thank you for your continuous support for our work through the years. It is only with your donations, that we are able to continue caring for the 60 dogs at our shelter at The Animal Lodge, 30 dogs with fosterers, 150 dogs at our shelter in Jurong Island and even more strays still roaming out there.

Many of our original rescues have been adopted, but there are some that have stayed with us through the years due to difficulties in getting them adopted. This means an ageing population of dogs that we are now looking after.

We have also taken in more old, sick, or injured dogs. With each rescue, depending on their condition, their initial visit to the vet could easily set us back by more than $1,000. If they're ill, and need to be warded, the vet bills climb steadily with each passing day that they spend at the vet for proper care and treatment.

Do donate if you can, so we can continue to help these dogs in need. Thank you!

About The Charity

SOSD is a volunteer-run organisation dedicated to the welfare of Singapore's many street dogs.

Our mission is to eliminate cruelty to and abandonment of animals, enhancing their welfare, and improving the lives of animals and humans, through rescue, education and advocacy.

SOSD relies on the generosity of the public to support its shelters at Sungei Tengah and Jurong Island.

You can make a difference. Your kind donation will help in providing shelter, food, medicine, veterinary care and love to the rescued dogs.

Donations received in GivingSG will be pooled with other donations and be used to provide food, medicine, veterinary care and support for the dogs under SOSD's care. Donations may also be used to pay for other operational costs of SOSD's shelters, such as utilities, water, rental and transport costs and costs and expenses of its TNRM programme. This is inclusive of donations raised in all of SOSD's campaigns.

Your donation details will be submitted to IRAS automatically by SOSD.

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