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ends 31 Aug 2018, 11:59 PM

Pangdemonium is a proudly Singaporean theatre company with a mission to tell stories on the stage which are challenging, inspiring, relevant, accessible, and above all, of the highest artistic, entertainment and productions values, in a league with the very best of theatre internationally.

Rule 1 of theatre is that it has to be entertaining, but it is capable of achieving so much more. Pangdemonium believes that theatre should strive to enrich, enlighten, and empower; it should surprise, stir, and stimulate; it should be aspirational and inspirational, passionate and compassionate; it should impact on audiences viscerally, intellectually, emotionally. With this in mind, Pangdemonium tells stories that tackle challenging issues, ask difficult questions, provoke constructive debate, and hopefully lead us all on a path towards discoveries of our communal human experience; that jolt us all from a collective passivity and make us take positive action, that expose us all for our flaws and frailties, and dare us to change; that help us see someone else's point of view, and share in someone's else's journey; that celebrate life, and champion struggle, survival and the human spirit; that make us count our blessings, appreciate this world more, and strive to live more meaningful lives; stories that Singaporeans can relate to and identify with, and at the same time, have a global resonance and universal significance.

About The Charity

Pangdemonium is a proudly Singaporean theatre company committed to telling the stories that you want to hear by producing high-quality productions that are inspiring, empowering and thought provoking.


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