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ends 30 Jun 2022, 11:59 PM

35-year-old Zhang Rong joined St. Andrew's Autism Centre's Day Activity Centre (SAAC DAC) 15 years ago.

Growing up, one of Zhang Rong's challenging behaviours included aggression towards crying children in public due to his increased sensitivity to noise. His parents feared bringing him out in public because nobody could understand his behaviour.

Zhang Rong's father, sole breadwinner of the family, succumbed to liver cancer in 2020. Since then, his family has been struggling financially. Madam Leong, 63, now finds time to work as a freelance hairstylist while Zhang Rong attends DAC on weekdays.

For Madam Leong, contemplating a future for Zhang Rong is "a problem with no easy solution".

Despite the financial and emotional challenges, Madam Leong loves and cares for Zhang Rong positively, seeking comfort in her faith. She is thankful to be able to enroll Zhang Rong at the DAC where he learns new skills to improve his quality of life.

SAAC plays an important part in providing quality care and improving the quality of life of those we serve and their families, such as Zhang Rong and Madam Leong.

With the support of donors, Zhang Rong and other clients with financial needs are also able to receive our services at a subsidised rate.

As we celebrate World Autism Awareness Month in April, we seek to increase understanding and acceptance of people with autism, and we hope to count on your support to uplift our clients and their families.

About The Charity

Out of passion to care for the physical, emotional and social well-being of the community, the St. Andrew's Medical Mission was founded in 1913 by Dr. Charlotte Ferguson-Davie, the wife of the first Anglican Bishop of Singapore who was also a medical doctor herself. Seeing the plight of the local women and children of that time and the lack of medical services for them, Dr. Ferguson-Davie set up a dispensary along Bencoolen Street for the destitute women and children. The Medical Mission continued to meet the locals' needs and thus led to the opening of more dispensaries and eventually, St. Andrew's Mission Hospital in 1923 and St. Andrew's Orthopaedic Hospital in 1939.

Working closely with the Government, SAMH constantly developed its services to meet the relevant needs of our local community at all times. Today, SAMH has under its operation: St. Andrew's Autism Centre, St. Andrew's Community Hospital, St. Andrew's Nursing Home, St. Andrew's Senior Care, St. Andrew's Migrant Worker Medical Centre, St. Andrew's Mission School and St. Andrew's Mission Hospital Clinic.


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