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ends 07 Aug 2018, 11:59 PM

This 6-week-old puppy is struggling very hard to fight for her life, and requires plasma transfusions for her condition to stabilize.

The wee puppy was found lurking in a shipyard area with a huge maggot wound on the side of her body. Her rescuer rushed her to the vet, and clinical examinations estimated that the wound has been inflicted since 5 days ago. It was fortunate that we had found her in time as she was in terrible shape. During the check-up, her body deteriorated and she went into cardiac arrest. Everyone held their breaths as her heart flat lined for a full 3 minutes before the vet managed to resuscitate her. However, her battle is far from over.

The vet report reveals that Rohana's body is going through a lot of distress. She is experiencing multiple respiratory complications, needing to be force fed and placed on an oxygen tank. She's also stricken with hypothermia, which may be due to septic shock from severe infection. The lab results have also indicated abnormal white blood cell count and albumin. As her condition shows no sign of recovery, we had to make the urgent decision to send her for plasma transfusions to help her fight the infection.

Rohana has just gotten her first plasma transfusion and requires critical care and monitoring. Her next plasma transfusion is scheduled to take place in 2 days' time. In the meantime, her vet bills are racking up, and we are calling on all our kind friends to help us cover the snowballing bill. No amount is too small.

About The Charity

SOSD is a volunteer-run organisation dedicated to the welfare of Singapore's many street dogs.

Our mission is to eliminate cruelty to and abandonment of animals, enhancing their welfare, and improving the lives of animals and humans, through rescue, education and advocacy.

SOSD relies on the generosity of the public to support its shelters at Sungei Tengah and Jurong Island.

You can make a difference. Your kind donation will help in providing shelter, food, medicine, veterinary care and love to the rescued dogs.

Donations received in GivingSG will be pooled with other donations and be used to provide food, medicine, veterinary care and support for the dogs under SOSD's care. Donations may also be used to pay for other operational costs of SOSD's shelters, such as utilities, water, rental and transport costs and costs and expenses of its TNRM programme. This is inclusive of donations raised in all of SOSD's campaigns.

Your donation details will be submitted to IRAS automatically by SOSD.

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