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ends 06 Apr 2020, 11:59 PM

To receive a call in the evening from a staff of Marymount Centre, I knew it must be urgent. The children's homes with total capacity of 52 were down to their last bag of rice. Usual donations in kind had stopped. She explained they were having difficulties ordering rice and other necessities online. Delivery slots were unavailable due to demand. I quickly called a few friends and we rushed to physical stores and pleaded to buy more than 2 bags of rice each. By that evening our communal effort yielded 95kg of rice. Phew! More people heard about their plight and contributed. The kids consume about 200kg of rice a month. Besides rice, they need other things like cooking oil, toilet rolls, and cleaning agents. I admire the staff who diligently work to ensure these kids are well looked after. The current measures to manage Covid-19 have added to their workload. Let us help them to just focus on the care of the children without worry of securing food and other necessities. Your contribution will help Marymount Centre greatly. SGUnited

About The Charity

Marymount Centre reaches out to vulnerable women and children through its three 24-hour Residential Homes for Children, a 24-hour Crisis Shelter for abused women and their children, and victims of human trafficking, and a Student Care Centre.
We are committed to our mission of empowering lives, restoring rights, upholding dignity, through our core values of compassion, integrity, empowerment, professionalism, and teamwork.
With support from volunteers and donors, we run programmes that are beneficial to the women and children in their often long and arduous journey of healing of their personhood, restoring their sense of dignity and worth, and rebuilding their lives in a safe and loving environment.


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