Our Campaign Story

ends 31 Oct 2019, 11:59 PM

I lost my Dad suddenly this year. He was a strong and generous man who loved to travel and lived life to the fullest :) Yet in the recent years, he became frail and withdrawn, and could not walk. He was no longer the strong man I knew :( For IDOP this October, which is also my birth month, I'd like to run 42km in memory of my Dad, even though running is hard for me. I hope that you will give generously so that other older persons like my Dad may have the opportunity to age joyfully and live life to the fullest! I too hope to grow a year older, strong and joyful... your donation will be a birthday encouragement for me!

About Campaign

Run for Joy 2019 aims to get 50 runners to run and raise funds for homebound elderly patients with multiple chronic illnesses in conjunction with International Day of Older Persons.

Many frail elderly persons, especially those with multiple chronic illnesses are socially isolated and feel that life has lost its meaning. This campaign targets to break the social isolation and fear of old age by getting the community to support HNF to bring joy to these elderly people through our Senior Care Centres in the communities.

Support us now by 2 simple steps:
1. Pledge to run a certain distance (in km) in the month of October at any time and any place.
2. Click "Fundraise Now" to reach out to your peers and families to raise $500.

Your donation will allow our elderly patients to continue to receive quality healthcare services and stay active in the community.

*All runners will receive a special token of appreciation made by our patients.

About The Charity

Founded in 1976, Home Nursing Foundation is the oldest and most established charity organisation that provides home healthcare in Singapore. We deliver comprehensive care programmes that are dedicated to our patients, regardless of their income level. From nursing to medical care, to looking after patients' social well-being and other practical needs, we bring care and support into the homes of those in need.

We depend on the generosity of the public and organisations to provide funding to enable us to serve our patients. Our patients needs are our primary concern and your donation will go towards supporting the most needy of them. All donations to HNF qualify for 250% tax deduction. We provide tax deduction receipts for donations of $50 and above, or upon request. For more information, please visit our website at www.hnf.org.sg