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We are a group of girls who have been selected for the Citi-YMCA Youth For Causes event in Singapore. Our project REdisCOVER aims to raise awareness for mental health in Singapore and funds for Singapore Association for Mental Health. (SAMH). We have also been featured on The Straits Times We hope that through our project, the stigmatization against mental illness will be reduced and we also hope that sufferers can step up to seek the help that they need without the fear of getting judged.

About NPO

Established in December 1968, SAMH seeks to promote mental health, to prevent mental illness, and to improve the care and rehabilitation of the mentally ill and the emotionally disturbed.

Your generous contributions will help fund SAMH programmes for promotion of mental wellness, prevention and reduction of mental health concerns, rehabilitation and support for persons with mental illness and support services for caregivers. These programmes will further contribute to the increased mental well-being of people in Singapore.

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