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ends 06 Jul 2016, 11:59 PM

To all our friends and supporters at NVPC, let's support our Muslim colleagues and friends this Ramadan! During this Holy month of fasting, we are meant to be appreciative of what we have and remember the less fortunate. Muslims are encouraged to act on this by donating to charity. They believe that charity never decreases wealth. Rather it increases it!
Let's show our support and give up a meal this last week of Ramadan and donate what you would have spent on that meal to these young boys at Muhammadiyah. We invite you to join us!!

About The Charity

Muhammadiyah Welfare Home is a residential shelter that cares for boys between the ages of 10 to 18 years old who have been admitted under the Care and Protection Orders, Compassionate Grounds or are sent by other agencies such as the Court and the Ministry of Social & Family Development (MSF). It provides a holistic care for each resident through education, programmes, casework intervention and behaviour modification tools.

MWH takes a holistic and multi-agency approach in managing cases of at-risk children and youths who have been referred to the Home. We work closely with various government and other community agencies such as schools, medical professionals, family service centres and community development councils. The safety and well-being of the child and youths is our upmost priority and with careful assessment, individualised plans and targeted interventions are put in place for each admission.

Our case workers support the children and youths in ways such as strengthening their socio-emotional development, developing their level of resilience and improving their education either through formal schooling and/or informal tutoring. We also work towards improving their family relationship to ensure a smooth reintegration upon their eventual discharge from the Home.

MWH is one of the residential Homes that is selected to participate in the Safe and Strong Families (SSF) Pilot initiative by MSF.


Fundraising can help to raise more and change more lives.

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