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ends 31 Dec 2021, 11:59 PM

Karen & I are a mentee/mentor pair with Beautiful People for the last 15 years. At Beautiful People, our family of sisters look out for one another even when it comes to unspoken needs . “Shona” is a little sister who is single mum with a 7 year old daughter. She struggles to make ends meet by holding two jobs and has no time for her daughter who is struggling with school work.

We found a tutor for Shona's daughter and this experience with Shona made us realise that there could be many other Shonas in the BP community who may need such support while they work hard to get their life together.

It was Karen, my Little Sister who wants to initiate this project as a way of paying it forward and I'm proud that she is learning to pass it on. We know life can be difficult for Little Sisters like Shona. She's in no position to help her daughter with school work, juggling 2 jobs. Without support, her daughter will likely drop out of school and repeat the preventable cycle. We want to raise funds to help young moms like Shona with basic household necessities, which even tuition is considered a necessity nowadays. We say “basic” as this is to get them to the starting line, as they have no capacity to run the race otherwise.

We hope to raise at least S$10,000 towards this cause which will be doubled by Toteboard to become $20,000!

#ChoosetoChange by supporting us in this effort, because the more we have, we will be able to support other little sisters in similar situations.

About Campaign

#ChoosetoChange with Beautiful People to commemorate 15 Years of Mentorship through empowerment!

Our target is $75,000, which will be matched dollar-for-dollar by Toteboard's EFR grant, for all online fundraising via giving.sg. That will mean a whopping $150,000 to celebrate 15 years of Beautiful People!

Beautiful People's #ChoosetoChange campaign seeks to amplify positive impact of mentoring relationships. We hope to inspire you by highlighting mentees who have chose to challenge themselves to achieve their dreams.

Your contribution to the #ChoosetoChange campaign will support Beautiful People's mentorship programmes. Take a step towards making a change in the lives of our mentees - for our mentees to work towards positive change to become the next generation of inspiring leaders.

As Beautiful People is an Institution of a Public Character (IPC), all donations from at least $10 will receive a 2.5x tax deduction.

#SGCares #GivingWeekSG #CityOfGood

About The Charity

Mentoring. It is the simple idea that dreams come true because of someone who believes in the one who dreams. This one simple idea has seen us walk into residential rehabilitation homes, schools, living rooms and behind prison bars, to touch the lives of those who have become our family. Beautiful People, started in 2006, is a volunteer movement dedicated to building mentoring relationships that support young women and men, exploring the idea of freedom within and without, and helping them realise their dreams. We are a relationship, not a programme. We refuse to be constrained by the boundaries of fixed programme durations. We celebrate the ordinary everyday heroes who are the mentors and mentees, growing together in an extraordinary journey of challenging their own limits. Our philosophy of support translates into a powerful experience for growth and self-discovery through a combination of life-skills training, mentoring, and coaching.

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