Our Campaign Story

ends 06 Jul 2020, 11:59 PM

We are NS friends running a combined distance of 150km from 10 June to 24 June for Hope Initiative Alliance, pledging $1/km as a base amount. Your further support for HIA's post-CB relief will provide meals, essentials, counselling and medicine to several thousand migrant brothers.

Post-CB, our migrant brothers still face great difficulty meeting their daily needs because of disrupted livelihoods. Generally, they will not receive full wages, nor sufficient meal support from their employers. This is due to employers' economic troubles, and construction work remaining largely suspended post-CB. Earlier during the CB, employers already faced immense difficulty providing meals to their workers on SHNs in factory-converted dorms, despite levy waivers.

In these trying COVID-19 times, we are aiding Alliance of Guest Workers Organisation (AGWO, a project of Hope Initiative Alliance) in its support of basic needs for over 9000 migrant workers in 267 dormitories. Post-CB, 15,000 daily meals are being distributed by AGWO to migrant brothers in factory-converted dormitories, adding to the 680,000 total since 10 April. Besides meals, they provide counselling and befriending support to relieve our brothers' distress, and engage in medical, holistic and ex gratia assistance. We believe no brother should have to starve or suffer due to COVID-19.

100% of donations on giving.sg will go directly to HIA.

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About The Charity

Hope Initiative Alliance is an inter-racial and inter-religious alliance of social service organisations, civil groups and corporations that seeks to eradicate social inequalities across various facets of society.

As an aggregator of support and services amongst our network of hundreds of partners and associates, HIA seeks to work closely with them to help the guest workers, homeless, elderly, people with disabilities, the poor and needy communities, especially amidst the COVID-19 situation.

The Alliance of Guest Workers Outreach (AGWO), a movement of the Hope Initiative Alliance, seeks to provide holistic care, medical assistance, distribute Care Meals and other essentials to the guest workers housed in factory-converted dormitories.

Apart from the guest worker community, rough sleepers are another group-at-risk during this trying period. We are working with our partners to advocate temporal Safe Sound Sleeping Place (S3P) throughout the circuit breaker period, or even longer. We are also looking at channelling a small allowance or ex gratia to sustain their needs. In-kind donations are also greatly needed to facilitate their needs in temporary shelters.

For more information, visit hia.sg and sowcare.sg


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