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ends 16 Jul 2016, 11:59 PM

My sister and her mother-in-law are cancer survivors. I've witnessed the toll this terrible disease exacts from the patients as well as from their loved ones. I couldn't help my sister or her mother-in-law battle this dreadful illness but I can help celebrate their victory over it and also support other cancer patients on their difficult journey.

So this year, I've decided to take part in the 2016 Race Against Cancer organised by the Singapore Cancer Society. On Sunday July 3, I will be at Angsana Green (East Coast Park) doing something I've not done in a very long time. I've only just started running this year after a 3-year hiatus so 5km will be challenging. However, I know it is nothing compared to what cancer patients go through and I will do my best. It is the least I can do to honour the cancer survivors and to help those fighting.

About Campaign

Organised by the Singapore Cancer Society for the 8th year, the Singtel-Singapore Cancer Society Race Against Cancer 2016 raises funds for cancer treatment subsidies, welfare assistance, cancer rehabilitation, hospice care, free cancer screenings, research and public education initiatives.

37 Singaporeans are diagnosed with cancer each day.
1 in 3 dies of cancer.
Come alongside SCS to fight against cancer in the 8th Race Against Cancer by helping to raise funds for those who need our support.
SCS's mission is to minimise cancer and maximise lives through upholding the life and dignity of every person directly or indirectly impacted by cancer, journeying along with cancer patients through the different life stages, from early detection to end-of-life care.

Cancer is not always a death sentence, and we want to ensure that everyone in this journey, especially those facing financial difficulties have access to support and treatment they need.

For enquiries about fundraising, do write to us at [email protected],sg

About The Charity

Established in 1964, Singapore Cancer Society (SCS) is a self-funded voluntary welfare organisation which is dedicated to minimising the impact of cancer in Singapore through the provision of cancer treatment subsidies, financial and welfare aid to needy cancer patients, home hospice care services for terminally-ill cancer patients, as well as rehabilitation support programmes for recovering cancer patients and survivors. In addition, SCS also provides free cancer screening services and promotes cancer awareness and prevention through its public education and community outreach programmes.

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