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ends 01 Jul 2017, 11:59 PM

Race Across America (RAAM) is one of the most respected and longest running endurance sports events in the world.

The Race inspires everyone who has been a part of it - racer, crew, staff and fans alike. RAAM is the true test of speed, endurance, strength and camaraderie. There is no race that matches the distance, terrain and weather, no other event that tests a team's spirit from beginning to end. This year along with three other brave riders and a loyal backup of 14 adventurous support crew, I will be participating in my 2nd 4-man (Team Australia II) RAAM, commencing on Saturday June 17th, with a goal of completing the 5,000km (with 55,000m of vertical accent) in around 6 days non-stop.

Whilst this is without doubt a tough 24hrs/day journey where both riders and crew will suffer, it does not compare to the suffering that is endured by the terminally ill and their families. A journey of this magnitude needs to have a worthy cause and having taken up residence in Singapore in 2015 I would like to make a contribution to raising funds for terminally ill children in Singapore. I came to learn of the NPO, Club Rainbow through our cycling clubs association a recent "Ride for Rainbows" charity ride, and on this RAAM campaign have chosen to support their extremely worthy cause. Please help me in my attempt to raise money for the terminally ill children of Singapore and hit the donate button on this page. By doing so you will make an immediate impact for someone in need!

About The Charity

Club Rainbow (Singapore) was set up in 1992 to provide a range of comprehensive support services for the families of children who suffer from major chronic and potentially life threatening illnesses. By working closely with KKH, NUH and SGH, Club Rainbow presently helps close to 1200 children and their families.

Children in Club Rainbow range from newborn babies to youths up to the age of 20. They require frequent visits to hospitals for treatment, complicated therapy and long-term medication. On the recommendation of their respective doctors, these children are referred to Club Rainbow for follow up support.


Fundraising can help to raise more and change more lives.

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