Our Campaign Story

ends 30 Aug 2021, 11:59 PM

Hi! We are class 2R from MGS embarking on a fundraising project through online busking for SHINE Children and Youth Services. "Sol" is the Latin word for "Sun" as we hope to light up others' lives. Fundraising during such a time as this is not easy, but we are committed to playing our part in being a blessing to others in society with our small efforts!

We will upload 4 video productions in total over the span of 4 weeks, each featuring us performing well-known songs like "Someone to you", "xi shui chang liu", "Try everything" and a remix of the past NDP songs from 2011 in celebration of National Day 2021.

All proceeds go to SHINE to support vulnerable children and youths aged 5-21 that are at risk of juvenile delinquency, and those with learning difficulties. Your generous donations will be matched by the Tote Board and Singapore Government to be doubled and utilised to fund SHINE initiatives like early diagnosis and intervention of learning difficulties, positive youth development programmes, etc. SHINE is committed to supporting students during this pandemic to overcome their challenges and maximise their potential.

We sincerely hope that our very own video productions have put a smile on your face and that you could support us by generously donating, sharing our fundraiser page, checking out our website (mgprojectsol.weebly.com),IG page (www.instagram.com/projectsol.mg/) and Youtube channel (https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCKGRmwpC7U-Fd)

Have a good day :D


About Campaign

Your donation enables children with special learning needs to be independent and confident learners. Your donation goes to fund programmes like LSSP - The Learning Social Support Programmes.

These programmes help children to:
- Actualise Learning Potential and Promote Social Skills,
- Increase confidence & ability to read for meaning, knowledge & understanding.
- Develop receptive and expressive vocabulary.
- Develop social and thinking skills through creative, fun, and challenging tasks.

Thank you for giving to programmes that empower children and youth-in-need during these tough times.

All donations will be matched by the Tote Board and Singapore government under the Enhanced Fund-Raising Programme. Every dollar your supporters give becomes two dollars towards our cause.

Nonetheless, a Big Thanks to YOU donors for raising $32,185 to support children, youth, and their families! :)

About The Charity

You are a hero of our students. Your giving empowers us to serve underprivileged children and youth with learning and socio-emotional difficulties.

SHINE Children and Youth Services is a registered charity and a member of National Council of Social Service. We celebrate 45 years of serving vulnerable children, youth, and their families in Singapore and remain committed to enabling them to maximise their potential. SHINE serves around 5,000 students, aged 5-21 years old, and parents each year. The work we do helps to build young lives, enhances their resilience, and SHINEs the light of hope for their future.

We're very excited to share SHINE's own version of 'The Road Ahead'! We wanted to share the message, to thank the past and current staff team for paving the way, for working tirelessly to meet the needs of our clients. We also wanted to affirm to our clients that they are not alone in the journey ahead of them.

Big thanks to You Donors for raising $5675 this month to empower children, youth, and families!

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