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ends 31 Jul 2020, 11:59 PM

As we would have read from the news, unemployment rates have increased which led to more Singaporeans struggling to put food on the table for themselves and their families. Without say, this increases the challenges faced by already vulnerable population, which includes isolated elderly, lower-income families with children, and homeless individuals who already lack a roof over their head. As such, i would like to appeal to you to make a donation within your means in my fundraising campaign.

I'll be selling handmade cards that I've designed (inspired by Pinterest artworks) to raise funds for beneficiaries under the 'Free Food For All Limited'. Your donation will be used to purchase meal pouches for them that can be easily warmed up and eaten when they are hungry.

Designs can be found within our ORDER FORM (www.tinyurl.com/projectinkup), or our Instagram page @projectinkup. For every card purchased, you can choose to keep it for yourself, or we can help you mail it to a friend / dedicate it to a healthcare worker, with your personalised message written at the back.

Each card costs $10 and ALL proceeds will go towards 'Free Food For All Limited', to provide food aid to the vulnerable population mentioned in my appeal above. Pls make your payment as a donation on this page before ordering the cards. (i.e. if you are buying 1 card, donate $10 to my campaign). Thereafter, take a screenshot of your approved transaction and upload it in your order form.

Thank you so much! (:

About Campaign

During this COVID-19, there are elderlies who are feeling more isolated than ever, the low-income who are struggling even more than usual to make ends meet with all non-essential services being put to a halt and the homeless who face difficulties finding a resting place.

Your help is needed to fill their tummies.

Please feed those who are unable to cook for themselves and do not have the means to afford a freezer.


1. Low Income staying in Rental Units
2. Elderly
3. Non-Ambulant/ Long Term Care
4. Zero or Minimum Family Support


1. Low Income staying in Rental Units
2. Elderly
3. Non-Ambulant/ Long Term Care
4. Zero or Minimum Family Support
5. Homeless / Rough Sleeping

FFFA will deliver Ready-To-Eat meal pouches which can be easily warmed up in the microwave or blanched in hot water to help last them through the difficult circuit breaker period.

Flameless heaters will also be provided to those rough sleepers in need of a warm meal.

Meal pouches menu is as follows:

Garlic Fried Rice (V)
Basmati Rice with Lentils (V)
Vegetarian Briyani (V)
Rice Porridge (V)
Lemak Lodeh (V)
Mushroom and Potatoes Stroganoff (V)
Channa Dhal (V)
Yellow Dhal (V)
Sambal Sotong
Chicken Porridge
Hainanese Chicken Rice
Apricot and Blueberry Dessert Bars

Your contribution is crucial in assisting us to serve others.

About The Charity

Free Food for All (FFFA) had given out more then 500,000 meals since its inception in early 2015.

FFFA is meant for everyone and anyone who needs a meal. However, we provide special emphasis to the elderly, disabled and financially distressed. We hope that by fulfilling a basic human need for food, they will be empowered to take action and raise themselves out of poverty. We also believe that our project has the potential to foster a more gracious society and strengthen community spirit especially between neighbours.

We are hopeful and optimistic that FFFA, with the gracious help of the community, can run entirely on contributions from members of the public.

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