Our Campaign Story

ends 31 Aug 2017, 11:59 PM

Project Eleutheria, a team of 4 students, want to make positive change and help in reintegrating ex-convicts into society to reduce recidivism rate. Reintegrating ex-convicts into society allows for more workers in industries, which allows for more production, leading to increase revenue for Singapore, furthering Singapore's success. Reintegrating ex-offenders into society also helps forge a more forgiving and inclusive Singapore.

In year 2017, Project Eleutheria is working closely with the Yellow Ribbon Fund to raise money for the cause. We sincerely hope that any members of the public would be kind enough to donate to our cause. Any amount of money, no matter how small or how big, is greatly appreciated and will go a long way to helping ex-convicts. However, we do have a set goal in mind. We are hoping to be able to raise $5,000 from this crowdfunding initiative, and, to reach this goal, we are offering a 10-15 minutes long ensemble or chamber performance to any kind donor who donates $1,000 or more.

All proceeds from this crowdfunding initiative will go to the Yellow Ribbon Fund to support their efforts in supporting rehabilitation and reintegration programmes for ex-offenders and the families.

Donors who are interested in our chamber music initiative or in this fundraising campaign may contact us at this email: [email protected]

About The Charity

Every year, more than 9,000 ex-offenders complete their sentences and are released from the various prisons and drug rehabilitation centres (DRCs). It is disheartening that ex-offenders have to live with the stigma of having served time behind bars when they are released from prison, one that can often be more punishing than the prison sentence itself. Many ex-offenders, once released, find themselves literally stepping into a second prison. This time it would be a prison with invisible bars, of suspicion, of mistrust and of discrimination.The best rehabilitation regime during incarceration is of no use if ex-offenders find themselves rejected at every turn when they are released into the larger community.Your generous donation to the Yellow Ribbon Fund will go a long way to help us fund rehabilitative and aftercare programmes, which are the supporting mechanisms to facilitate the reintegration of an individual back to the community and his family.


Fundraising can help to raise more and change more lives.