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ends 31 Oct 2021, 11:59 PM

Mental illness. The specter that haunts the minds of those afflicted like a winding curse, driving them to their breaking point. This, of course, is already well-known.

In this day and age, the knowledge of such ailments affecting humans is widespread. However, the problems associated with mental illnesses, such as their stigmas and the discrimination of those with mental health issues, are deeply rooted into the thoughts and perceptions of the masses. Moreover, 1 in 7 Singaporeans have experienced a mental illness in their lifetime, which means that more than 800000 people have experienced mental illness. Not to mention the COVID 19 pandemic that has taken the world by storm. Its effects are not only detrimental to those who have mental illness, but are also the cause of deteriorating mental health in healthy individuals.

Project Helios is currently fundraising for the Singapore Association of Mental Health(SAMH), whose goal is to improve the lives of persons with mental illness and provide support for their families, to promote acceptance and respect for persons with mental illness and to improve the mental resilience of our community.

Now, imagine being crippled by fear at every turn, or dreaming of the flames of war every night, or witnessing the terror of a reality that no one could ever see.

Together, we can make a difference.

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About The Charity

Your donation matters.

Your invaluable donation can empower and help our beneficiaries in their journey to recovery and mental wellness. With your kind support, we can continue to provide rehabilitative, outreach, and creative services and programmes to persons with mental health issues, and help them recover and reintegrate back into the community.

Your generous gift also counts in funding our efforts to raise public awareness about mental well-being and resilience, as well as reduce the social stigma, and promote acceptance and respect for persons with mental health issues.

Established in 1968, the Singapore Association for Mental Health (SAMH) is a non-profit and non-government social service organization, a registered charity under the Charities Act and an approved Institution of Public Character (IPC). We have also been awarded the coveted Charity Transparency Award in 2018 & 2019 by the Charity Council.


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