Our Campaign Story

ends 30 Aug 2018, 11:59 PM

Our project is named Project Espoir and we are a 2018 Youth for Causes (YFC) team. We have gained approval from the Voluntary Welfare Organisation (VWO) whom we wish to work with, the Association for Persons with Special Needs (APSN). Espoir is French for Hope. Project Espoir's logo consists of a butterfly and multiple gears, in which the butterfly symbolises hope. We should never look down on the people with special needs and disabilities just because they are still in the *caterpillar* stage. After all, they will all develop into beautiful butterflies eventually, and achieve greater heights. The gears, symbolises thinking in the brain, also known as cognitive abilities. We believe that every gear is important in a mechanism for it to work and even though the tooth counts may differ, they still work their hardest to rotate all the same. This logo represents our optimism and hope for those people with special needs, to be accepted and integrated into society. In Project Espoir, we hope to inspire others to create a society that is more inclusive towards those with special needs. They may look different but those are the differences that makes everyone unique. Every single person on earth is a *tooth* that plays a part in the development of society.

About The Charity

Established in 1976, Association for Persons with Special Needs (APSN) is a social service agency providing special education for persons with mild intellectual disability (IQ 50-70). Today, APSN operates four Special Education (SPED) Schools (APSN Chaoyang School, APSN Katong School, APSN Tanglin School and APSN Delta Senior School) for students aged 7 to 21, an APSN Student Care Centre for children aged 7 to 18 and an APSN Centre for Adults for persons aged 16 and older, benefiting over 1,200 beneficiaries each year.

The APSN Schools and Centre adopt a holistic approach in its curriculum, comprising academic, vocational and social skills, which are important for open employment and lifelong learning. APSN seeks to enable persons with special needs to be active contributors of the society and is committed to inspire and build capabilities of its partners and community to lead and advocate an inclusive society.

To date, APSN's growing database has more than 5,000 beneficiaries, comprising students, trainees and alumni. The Association is constantly expanding its network to reach out to and understand the needs of its members to better support them.


Fundraising can help to raise more and change more lives.

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