Our Campaign Story

ends 30 Jun 2016, 11:59 PM

One night, our group of four like-minded friends got together to think about how we can start a campaign that will use our experiences for the highest good of all. Many ideas came up during our brain-storming sessions. One idea sticks. We want to contribute to a better world, one meal at time.

Project Pay Forward acknowledges that it drew inspirations from the suspended coffees movement and the local Chope Food for Needy movement.

Have you ever have an encounter whereby you wish to reach out to pay in advance for a meal for someone in need, and wonder how to do so? Have you contributed to paying for a meal for someone in need and experienced that the gift of the meal not only offers nourishment but comfort, kindness, a sense of belonging and a smile?

Project Pay Forward is a campaign that leverages on the power of network, social media and technology to provide an opportunity for you to perform the simple act of kindness to pay for a meal in advance for someone in need. You can also choose to pay for more meals if your means allow you to. Any amount, even $2, is significant and is appreciated.

About The Charity

A secular, non-affiliated charity, Willing Hearts is wholly run by volunteers, apart from a handful of staff. It operates a soup kitchen that prepares, cooks and distributes about 11,000 daily meals to over 69 locations island wide, 365 days a year. Beneficiaries include the elderly, the disabled, low-income families, children from single parent families or otherwise poverty stricken families, and migrant workers in Singapore.

Willing Hearts is a registered as a society with the Ministry of Home Affairs since February 2005 and as a charity with the Ministry of Ministry of Social and Family Development since December 2008.


Fundraising can help to raise more and change more lives.