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ends 31 May 2021, 11:59 PM

Hi Guys, We are almost there!! If it hits $8k, I will top up another $2k.

Note: Recently, I received a few questions about how much of the donations go to the beneficiaries. I believe the concern that many people have is how much of the donations will go towards the administrators of the Community Fund i.e. salaries of the fund managers, overhead costs, etc.

To allay your concern, I got in touch with the administrators of the Community Fund to provide an answer for you.

For most charities, part of the donations go to the salaries of staff, as the social service sector is a service-based industry that require manpower (e.g. therapists, nurses etc) to help the beneficiaries. E.g. In a nursing home, there will need to be care attendants and other healthcare professionals to help the elderly with their Activities of Daily Living (ADL).

For TTSH Community Fund, majority of their overhead costs are borne by TTSH because their office is inside the hospital. Their salaries are paid by TTSH. However, they do have programmes such as the Community Rehabilitation Programme (CRP) where allied health professionals and community health teams render services at the needy patients' homes because the patients are unable to physically access the care services at hospitals or day care centres.

I hope the above gives you a better understanding of the utilisation of the funds.

Please share the campaign and keep the donations coming. Cheers.

John TCF

About Campaign

Many of the elderly patients under TTSH Community Fund's Helping ElderLy Patients (HELP) Programme have no income, little savings and limited family support. Our Programme steps in to support them when all other avenues have been exhausted, to help maintain their health and improve their quality of life.

The Programme supports needy elderly patients, aged 55 and above, with their out-of-pocket expenses such as diapers, wound dressings, nutrition, interim-dialysis, mobility aids and dentures etc.

All donations go directly towards the HELP Programme.

About The Charity

In keeping with Mr Tan Tock Seng's Legacy of Giving, Tan Tock Seng Hospital (TTSH) set up its charity arm, TTSH Community Fund, in August 1995 to improve the quality of life of our patients and the community.

Every year, our Charity disburses more than $2 million for our patient-centred programmes, and to support healthcare research, innovation and training for our staff and the community, to deliver better patient care.

From expensive non-standard medication and breathing equipment to mobility aids, community rehabilitation programmes, and even dentures to help them eat better, TTSH Community Fund helps needy patients with their out-of-pocket medical expenses so that they can gain greater independence, improve their quality of life and enable them to integrate back into the community.

Our Charity runs entirely on public donations. Every dollar to the Charity goes directly to support our activities. TTSH Community Fund is a registered charity with IPC status.