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Help SINDA create a better future for the Indian community in Singapore.

Your donations will support us in a number of ways: Supporting the educational pursuits of our students; mentoring and empowering our youth to be the leaders of tomorrow; and nurturing happy and cohesive families for a successful future. As a VWO, SINDA also welcomes funds to support a variety of expenditure needs.

About NPO

The Singapore Indian Development Association (SINDA) is a Self-Help Group, set up in August 1991 to address educational and socio-economic issues facing the Indian community in Singapore. Its key areas of focus are education, youth aspirations, family resilience, social assistance and forging meaning community partnerships. SINDA actively strives to build a well-educated and confident community of Indians that stands together with the other communities, in contributing to the progress of multi-racial Singapore. In the course of fulfilling its objectives, SINDA works closely with many volunteers, schools and grassroots organisations. In the process, SINDA has steadily evolved into a credible organisation that serves as a pillar of the Singapore Indian community. Today, SINDA runs a wide array of programmes that not only uplift the educational performance of Indian students, but also promote family harmony and uplift the social status of ethnic Indians. For more information on SINDA, visit the website - www.sinda.org.sg

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