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They say age is just a number; that it’s all in the mind and about being young at heart.

Can we do that, really?

Age brings changes to all of us: Hormonal changes, age-related afflictions, empty nest syndrome or depression stemming from a loss of purpose or the death of a spouse. We can’t avoid growing old, but we don’t want to be reduced to a shadow of our former selves. Imagine the mental and psychological impact that will have on any one of us. If we look within our family, we may have seen that in our grandparents or parents, and it is always heart breaking.

Helping the aged stay fit mentally and physically is a key concern. Local support systems such as O’Joy’s community-centred programme and counselling services can provide the care and support for older persons to experience their ageing process not as a burden, but as a golden phase of their lives to be savoured.

Help senior citizens prepare their minds and hearts to stay young and begin a new chapter in their lives.

About NPO

O'Joy Care Services is a social service organisation dedicated to promoting the psycho-emotional health of older persons, and empowering their families and caregivers to accomplish the same through a holistic perspective on wellness. By 2030, an estimate of 1 in 4 persons will be aged 65. To help aged persons and their caregivers cope with the many challenges they will face, we provide counselling services to alleviate emotional distress. Complementing such services is a Ministry of Health (MOH) funded programme, COMIT, which provides all-rounded care. Details are in the section below. A preventive-care programme which offers daily arts activities and exercies, Health Oriented Ageing, has also been set up to target those aged 60 and above living in the Upper Boon Keng area. For more information on donations or how to join our volunteer programme, please visit us at our website. Our annual reports are also available there. Thank you for your support!

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