Our Campaign Story

ends 30 Jun 2020, 11:59 PM

This campaign is created not only to allow more people to understand what is human trafficking all about but also to give a helping hand to Hagar. Exploitation in any forms should not be tolerated in our society. Real life stories are happening every single day in relation to innocent young girls and women out there.

No one in a vulnerable situation should be made or forced into doing something against their will. Many times, victims fell into the traps which trick them into believing their pursuit of Happiness will materialise if they comes to countries like Singapore. With no real intent to help them, the wrongdoers exploit them in many ways such as:

a) Human trafficking (b) Forced labour (c) Sexual exploitation
(d) Gender-based violence (e) Forced marriage (f) Domestic servitude

Just imagining all these happening to someone's else daughter, sister, niece, grandchild, girlfriend or maybe wife. With our support, Hagar will be in a better position to extend their many years of experience & expertise to reach out to even more victims out there quickly.

Thank you for your generosity & your decision to make an impact to someone's life today!!

Stay blessed always! =)

#HagarSingapore #givingsg #helpsomeone

About The Charity

HAGAR is an international NGO committed to the recovery and economic empowerment of women and children who are survivors of extreme human rights abuse, particularly in the area of human trafficking, gender-based violence, and sexual exploitation.

We are in 10 countries worldwide. For women and girls, the threat of sexual exploitation and abuse is grave, and 10% of these clients have intellectual disabilities. HAGAR receives into our care those who have suffered the worst of human conditions and many are referred to HAGAR by the local government and non-governmental organisations in the country. We walk the whole journey with each individual, ensuring holistic healing, legal and physical protection, social rehabilitation, education and economic empowerment for eventual reintegration into society.

In Singapore, we provide legal aid, trauma recovery services, and skills training for girls trafficked to Singapore for sexual exploitation. Further to that, Hagar also assists by coordinating their return to their home country and resettle them in their communities upon conclusion of their court hearings in Singapore.

The ultimate goal is to help each of these trafficked and abused survivors get over their painful past, realise their innate potential and put them on the path of self-sustainability where they will be able to help themselves in the long run. Our purpose is singular. We do whatever it takes for as long as it takes to restore a broken life.


Fundraising can help to raise more and change more lives.

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