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ends 31 Jan 2021, 11:59 PM

Hi Everyone! I am Job Loei, a senior manager at NKF where I develop rehabilitative programs to help kidney failure patients cope and lead meaningful lives.

Being diagnosed with kidney failure at 29 years old, I felt the world crushing down on me and lost my purpose in life as I thought I would have a short life span.

Not wanting my family to spiral into the depths of pain and misery and to leave a legacy for my son, I decided to fight on.

It is with sheer determination and the spirit of positivity that I have beaten the odds. I am able to lead a near normal life despite over 25 years of thrice weekly dialysis and a weakening heart condition.

Through my participation in Run Inspired!, I want to convey a message of hope to our fellowmen. Sometimes, life can inflict us with pain and suffering, but we can always rise above adversities.

Join me and journey alongside me in championing change in our country, our homeland. Let's run together for a good cause!

To support me by making a donation here or register at http://qrco.de/runinsreg now!

Thank you for your support!

About Campaign

Did you know, there are nearly 5.5 new kidney failure patients in Singapore every day?

The number of new cases has increased about 60% over the past 10 years with diabetes being the No. 1 cause of kidney failure. More than half who have diabetes are unaware of their condition.

Run Inspired! is NKF's inaugural three-week virtual charity run event. Participants can run at their own pace and space to help achieve a collective distance of 55,000km and raise $200,000 to provide Artificial Kidneys (A.K.s), crucial in our patients' dialysis treatment to filter waste and excess fluids.

Our run ambassadors will be sharing their motivational stories throughout the event to uplift the community to step out of their comfort zone to run for a meaningful cause and be empowered to take charge of their well-being.

Menarini Asia-Pacific, our main partner, will be donating S$2 for every kilometre (KM) covered by participants, up to S$100,000, increasing the impact of your participation.

So rally your friends and family members to run together for a good cause! To make it even more meaningful, you can start your own fundraising campaign to garner support and donations to help kidney failure patients!

Register now at http://qrco.de/runinsreg

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About The Charity

The National Kidney Foundation (NKF) is currently supporting more than 4,900 kidney failure patients, about two-thirds of the national kidney failure patient population. Our patients are of the lower income group. Treating a patient costs over $2,000 a month, however, the treatment our patients receive is highly subsidised, with 74% paying $50 or less a month out-of-pocket.

NKF remains committed to journeying with our patients every step of the way in their treatment and rehabilitative care, advocating kidney health to prevent kidney failure and making a difference in the renal landscape to benefit the community.

Partner us in giving Life & Hope to our patients now!

All donations received through Giving.sg will be channelled to NKF General Fund, which will be used to provide subsidised dialysis treatment and holistic care for our patients.

To view our financial statements, please visit our corporate website at https://nkfs.org/about-us/annual-reports/

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