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ends 31 Dec 2018, 11:59 PM

Singapore's natural spaces have dwindled from land development and reclamation. With the few natural spaces that remains, our island continues to face multiple anthropocentric threats. Our coral reefs and natural coastlines are also subject to habitat loss from coastal development, climate change, pollution and destructive fishing habits.

In the past years, we have collectively proven that with natural spaces protected, biodiversity flourishes. Hence, we need to continue to find hope in better living, through long-term preservation of our natural spaces.

There is also an urgency to work with current multi-sectorial leaders whom are willing to make positive changes for our marine environment. Today, many decision-makers within government, business, science and civil society understand the importance of our environment to long-term economic development and social harmony.

Whilst our efforts remain largely local, our views and influence is global. Climate change and marine pollution are threats with no boundaries, so we must approach ocean conservation holistically.

We all benefit from protecting nature and wildlife. Our mangroves protect against coastal erosion, our forests give us air to breathe, and our corals are home to fish that keep us fed.

Wildlife is too precious to be ignored! The Nature Society has a voice, but with your support, that voice can be amplified. Invest in nature today by donating to the Nature Society.

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About The Charity

We deliver innovative projects to ensure a healthy & resilient environment in Singapore.

With roots stretching as far back as 1921, the Nature Society (Singapore) is the leading voice for nature in Singapore. Our mission is to protect our native biodiversity and engage people with their environment.

We work hard to protect natural spaces in Singapore where wildlife thrives, and where people can experience and enjoy nature close at hand.


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