Our Campaign Story

ends 30 Sep 2017, 11:59 PM

We are starting this campaign to raise funds for Mr Yang Shuai, a migrant worker who sustained a spinal disc fracture during his work of course as a delivery man on 27May 2016. He is 25 years of age and has difficulty paying for his upcoming surgery at a local public hospital, in September 2017. The cost of the surgery is S27,200, out of which his employer is obliged to pay S10,000.

We know Mr Yang Shuai when we visited Healthserve temporary shelter in MacPherson Lane. We were both shocked and appalled to see the young man grimacing in pain coming from his lower spinal area. He has this pain for over a year now and simple movements like sitting and standing are posing great physical challenge to him.

Despite all these trails, he continued to work at the airport as a cashier often for short bouts of time (due to pains in his lower back) to make ends meet while living in Singapore.
Back in China, he has an ageing mother who undergoes kidney dialysis treatment 3 times a week. The primary caregiver is an aging father as well.

We have attached an MRI scan image: red arrows indicate the 2 specific areas of fracture - where this surgery has to be performed. The surgery would involve metal implants to stabilise the fractured regions of the spinal disc.

We would appeal to you all to join in our cause to support this young man in our giving and make this surgery a possibility. It will certainly open up the pathway to a life that is full of promises and hope.

About The Charity

Founded in 2006, HealthServe, is an IPC registered charity that seeks to bring healing and hope to vulnerable low-wage migrant workers in Singapore.

There are close to 1 million work permit holders in Singapore. Access to affordable healthcare can be a problem for low wage migrant workers as foreigners in Singapore do not receive subsidies for healthcare at public institutions. By law, workers are supposed to be covered for both inpatient and outpatient treatment by their employers but not all do. In addition, fear of repatriation and cultural and language barriers also contribute to migrant workers not receiving proper treatment.

The more unfortunate amongst these workers get injured at work and may end up losing their jobs and suffering loss of pay for a protracted period. The wait for their work injury compensation application to be processed and resolved can take months or years.

From a single clinic providing GP services in Geylang to meet the needs of the workers, HealthServe has expanded our range of services to the provision of GP and specialist medical services, rehabilitation and dental services, injury and salary-related casework support, social assistance, counselling and mental health programmes.

We are very much a volunteer-run organisation. Our operations are run by a small staff team and hundreds of medical and non-medical volunteers and interns.


Fundraising can help to raise more and change more lives.