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ends 30 Jun 2018, 11:59 PM

JH,10years old, Moebius syndrome:
JH is 10-year old girl with congenital condition which gives her slight deformities and other syndromic conditions such as not being able to swallow, limited facial expression and unclear speech.
JH's initial wish was to build a real treehouse, however, she wishes now to be a skydiver! JH would have still liked to build a Treehouse but due to safety reasons, her parents were a bit apprehensive about it. Therefore, JH decided that she would like to have iFly Birthday celebration with her friends and family.
JH has gone for the iFly experience twice (First Timers). In JH's words, "It is the BEST feeling in the world!". JH has been an avid iFly fan since she was 5 years old, always being part of the audience watching others do the iFly till she became a familiar face at iFly Singapore. Only till recently, she was able to experience it for herself as her core vitals became stronger. JH has only celebrated her birthdays at home before and would like her to make this birthday special by sharing the iFly experience with her friends and family.
We have raised $3675 from our previous campaign and have yet to reach our target of $6000.

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