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Your contribution will benefit the needy cancer patients in this charitable endeavors ! 1) Make A BALD statement (at a salon) to garner funds support for the needy 2) to encourage ALL cancer fighters out there ! More info :

365CPS fulfills its mission through 6 different ways:
1. Emotional support by our Care and Support teams
2. Nutritional support through practical lessons
3. Counseling support to help patients deal with their condition
4. Physical exercises to help boost immune system and strengthen the body
5. Educational talks / seminars / activities to promote wholeness and wellness
6. Financial support for needy patients

About NPO

365 Cancer Prevention Society is a registered full member of the Singapore National Council of Social Service (NCSS) with an Institution of Public Character (IPC) status.

Our mission is to serve the community through cancer prevention measures. This is accomplished through health and nutrition education, promotion of healthy lifestyle and lymphatic detox exercise programs.

We also provide practical and emotional support and care for patients and their family members in their battle against cancer through residential and hospital visitations, counselling and wellness services.

As a non-profit organization, 365CPS depends on public donations to fund all its services and programs.

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