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ends 30 Apr 2021, 11:59 PM

For 20 days in April starting 4th April, I aim to write a story daily about families caring for a child who is terminally ill. These families are hidden from plain sight because stepping out of their homes with the child is a logistics nightmare.

A mother gives up her successful career to be the primary caregiver knowing that the disease is degenerative. A father liquidates the family assets to procure whatever necessary to extend the number of living days for his sick child. While there is no cure in sight, there is hope. A little girl never once whine because her parents are too preoccupied with caring for her bed-ridden older brother. A domestic helper lovingly piggy-backed her 17-year old boy, who is terminally-ill, down 37 flights of stairs in a fire emergency. These inspiring stories of unconditional love deserve to be told.

If you like the stories, I ask that you gift $48 or more to this campaign. Why 48, you ask? Because that will be my age this birthday. "888" however, is less about prosperity but a symbol of infinity. Titled "love you to infinity", this campaign will compile 20 short stories about young patients of HCA Hospice Care and their families.

Through their stories, I hope to celebrate the love that only mankind is capable of - love you to infinity!

Watch this space for the stories: https://www.facebook.com/caroline.lim.94

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About Campaign

Each birthday is a milestone, some more important. With the new normal restrictions on gatherings, having an actual birthday party or celebration may be challenging.

How about dedicating your birthday celebration as something special and meaningful?

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Thank you for making a difference in our beneficiaries' lives on your special day!

About The Charity

HCA Hospice Care (HCA) is Singapore's largest home hospice provider and has been a registered charity since 1989. The organisation provides comfort and support to patients with life-limiting illnesses regardless of age, religion, ethnicity, nationality and financial status.

We understand the medical and psychological needs of patients, caregivers and their families. By managing our patients pain and other symptoms with specialised care and support, we enable them to spend their last days at home, in comfort and dignity, with their families and loved ones.

Additionally, we care for the caregivers by providing them with psychosocial support, practical training, and advice at all hours with our 24/7 hotline.

As all our services including home hospice service for adults are provided free-of-charge to all patients under our care, we rely on donations to support what we believe is a basic right: to die with dignity.

With your contribution and commitment to helping us, we are confident of achieving our goal to adding life to the days of patients with life-limiting illnesses.

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