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by Susan Tan

for Catholic Welfare Services Singapore


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This year, I decided that I am not going to buy any Christmas gifts for my friends and colleagues. Instead, I will donate that money to a charity organisation that will put the money to better use. I also hope my friends and colleagues can donate the money set aside to buy a Christmas gift for me. If you believe stronger in other causes and prefer to donate to other organisations, please go ahead. The message I want to put forward simply is to please share that love of yours. With a little love and care, the world can be a better place.

About NPO

We serve the needy in Singapore regardless of race or religion and we strive to uphold the dignity of all who come to us for help. We are an independent charity and we depend on your donations. Our projects include 3 Nursing Homes, a community home for the elderly, a shelter for the destitute, a shelter for women and children, outreach services to youth and a work-focused programme for the intellectually challenged. We also provide financial assistance to needy families and scholarship aid to students.

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