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ends 16 Apr 2021, 11:59 PM

Livconsciously is a platform to discover and support initiatives that create social impact. Our key aim is to nurture a society of conscious consumers and producers who protect the environment and vulnerable communities.

We are inspired by New Life Stories (NLS) good work and would like to urge our friends, family, followers and everyone to donate to their Bee Strong Fund especially during this trying pandemic. NLS support incarcerated mothers and their children through storytelling and support programmes. The programmes benefit the child, mother and society. The child will have increased self-confidence and her reading and academic performance will be improved. The incarcerated mother will have increased responsibility, resilience and reduced recidivism.

Your contribution will support NLS to continue their good work and provide over 100 families with cash and grocery vouchers to help tide them through this difficult period. You will also contribute to the upward social mobility of the families and break their cycle of poverty.

About Campaign

While we are all impacted by the ongoing pandemic, there are those around us that are facing even tougher times. With the loss of jobs coupled with mounting medical bills, many of our families are unable to cope. Through this campaign, we hope to be able to provide over 100 families with cash and grocery vouchers while they apply for financial assistance to help tide them through this difficult period.

Take the story of Mdm Gina, a single mother with 5 school-going children between the ages of 5 to 19 years old, who has been struggling to make ends meet. Her ex-husband is unable to pay the monthly maintenance for their 1-room flat as he is currently serving a prison sentence. On top of their financial struggles, Mdm Gina has also been experiencing pain throughout her body and is due to undergo an MRI. She has been postponing the session as she is worried about the cost.

With your support, families like Mdm Gina can breathe a little easier in ensuring that her children can live a better life.

About The Charity

New Life Stories is a charity that provides children of incarcerated mothers with vital home-based quality reading and pre-school education in Singapore.

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