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ends 09 Jun 2020, 11:59 PM

For my birthday, I'm hoping to raise funds for disadvantaged and lower-income families affected by COVID-19.

The coronavirus outbreak has caused much stress and anxiety for many individuals, and the widespread nature of the virus has spared no one from its effects. However, some communities are impacted more acutely than others.

As Singapore enters a partial lockdown, many families hovering around the poverty line are seeing their jobs suspended and their livelihoods upended. Their ability to provide for the household and pay for basic essentials are precariously left in a state of uncertainty.

Not only are the incomes of these families affected, but their children on Home-Based Learning might also not have access to the resources that would make education conducive, if at all possible, at this time.

It is for these reasons that I am raising funds on my 22nd birthday to support Beyond Social Services, a voluntary welfare organization working to help underprivileged youths and their families in Singapore's rental housing neighborhoods to cope with the current crisis.

Beyond is providing assistance through their "Family Assistance Fund," the proceeds of which will go towards food distribution, financial assistance, cash vouchers, and other necessities for those who need it.

I hope you will join me in supporting them, and help to contribute whatever you can.

About Campaign

Since the Disease Outbreak Response System Condition (DORSCON) level was raised to Orange on 7 February 2020, we have been reaching out to our members (families living in rental flats) to understand how they have been affected. On 3 April, our Prime Minister announced additional "Circuit Breaker" measures which have come into force on 7 April.

Many of our members have been hard hit and have lost jobs or had their household incomes severely reduced. Some may not be eligible for government schemes, or they may not be adequate. We therefore want to ensure our members have access to basic necessities, especially given the current situation in Singapore.

To help them tide over this period, we are providing the necessary assistance to meet needs through our FAMILY ASSISTANCE FUND. This is a fund replenished by donations from well-wishers who specifically want their contributions to be utilised for the purpose of stabilising families.

Beyond is currently focusing on these key areas:

1. Food distribution,
2. Financial assistance

100% of funds collected through our COVID-19 Fund will go to affected families.

We will update this page on how we are disbursing or utilising these funds. We are also trying to better understand how people are being affected and will be sharing our findings and reflection here as well as on our Facebook page (www.facebook.com/beyondsocialservices).

To view our FAQ page please visit www.beyond.org.sg/faf-faq/

About The Charity

Beyond serves disadvantaged young people and their families to move them beyond their problems. We want to develop young people who respect the law, value education and seek to become responsible persons.

Keeping young lives on track is about building a community where they can grow, contribute and believe that they are a part of. Beyond works to build inclusive communities where young people, local neighbourhoods, and wider society, can come together to share their gifts and cooperate on resolving their issues.

We value inter-organisational collaboration & will steadily expand by building networks of individuals and organisations that contribute towards our vision. We believe that our target group always benefits when more members of the community take an active interest in their well-being.

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