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ends 06 Dec 2022, 11:59 PM

"All human being are born free and equal in dignity and rights"
Article 1 - UN Declaration of Human Right

To some extend, this proves untrue. People with visually impaired at birth are deprived of the right to see. Their world is full of black color with imaginary things resulting from touching and feeling.
When grow up, they have less chances to get good jobs as compared to normal ones.
Research from Dr Ryan Man among Chinese, Malay and Indian Singaporean aged 40 and above found that vision impairment even mild vision loss was associated with an approximately 50% likelyhood of being unemployed at baseline.
Please help light the blind with your donation to Singapore Assocation of Visually Handicapped, an affiliated to the National Council of Social Service (NCSS), established in 1951 focusing on training the blind to bring them skills to adapt well with the community either in social life or in employment.

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About The Charity

The Singapore Association of the Visually Handicapped (SAVH), formerly known as the Singapore Association for the Blind (SAB), is the national voluntary welfare organization that serves and provides comprehensive rehabilitation services to the visually impaired. SAVH serves Singapore citizens and permanent residents of all age groups who must be certified with low vision (partial sight) or blind by an eye specialist or ophthalmologist. This includes people who are born blind as well as those who have lost their vision through accidents, illnesses or ageing. SAVH has over 4,000 registered clients ranging from infants to the elderly and has been providing these clients with eye care, rehabilitation, training, counselling, jobs and a place to belong to.


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