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ends 08 Jun 2021, 11:59 PM

Wonder how is it like, if we go swimming with a surgical mask.

If fish have feelings, that would probably be how they feel when trapped in the drifting plastic litter.

As a member of the Waterways Watch Society, we have the opportunities to be involved with clean up at reservoirs and beaches. Over the past years, I had personally witness more than 40 fishes found trapped in plastic packaging of various sizes during Kayak based clean ups in Marina Reservoir.

Wildlife entanglement, ingestion, bioaccumulation and habitat damage are some impacts of marine litter.


In this campaign, I'm committing to clean up 1000kg of Marine litter on kayak for a year to the next World Ocean Day 2021 : )

Let Fish Breathe!


Your donations, will support Waterways Watch Society in creating awareness on the importance of clean water and cultivating positive social behaviors.

Support for some charities have seen a drop in donations during this challenging period of COVID-19.

The impact of your giving is now DOUBLED! As part of the Fortitude Budget, the Singapore government is matching online donations dollar-for-dollar till 31 Mar 2021.


Email [email protected] if you like to join me on the dedicated clean-ups.

With Gratitude

About The Charity

A special, independent volunteer group, bringing people together to love our waters and to inspire stewardship for our environment. Our volunteers conduct weekly environmental patrols on foot, bicycle, kayaks and boats around the Marina Reservoir, Punggol and upcoming Jurong.


Fundraising can help to raise more and change more lives.

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