Our Campaign Story

ends 28 Feb 2023, 11:59 PM

Just like us Filipinos love to celebrate Christmas in advance (yes, we start to decorate our homes in September), I also would like to celebrate my birthday in advance by launching this fundraising campaign 4 months in advance!
Why Fundraising?
As much as I would appreciate receiving gifts on my birthday, I would appreciate it more if the gift would be something valuable for a bigger cause. Rather than celebrating this great occasion for myself and with those closest to my heart, why not extend these blessings to a higher purpose? Your participation in this fundraising campaign will mean so much to me and I would like to welcome you to support this cause by donating whatever you can instead of giving me gifts.
Why aidha?
Aidha is a charity organization that offers financial education to low-income women (mainly migrant workers) to support their future by creating sustainable wealth. My mom was a strong and independent woman who had to go overseas to support her family back home. Growing up seeing her struggle, I promised myself that I will do my best to be independent financially, and hopefully be able to help my fellow women to be able to support themselves financially as well. I thought Aidha is doing an incredible job for those migrant workers, not just by giving them free money but giving them the opportunity to learn about money. Their work is so empowering and inspiring. I sincerely hope that this small act of giving will help the wider community of women :)

About The Charity

Financial education is key to a secure future. At Aidha, we are passionate about changing the lives of migrant domestic workers and other low-income women. Aidha' s unique holistic curriculum includes computer and confidence building classes in addition to financial education and equips students with the skills and confidence to achieve economic security.

Aidha is an award-winning charity with Institution of Public Character status. We have worked with about 6,000 women since our inception in 2006.


Fundraising can help to raise more and change more lives.

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