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ends 16 Apr 2022, 11:59 PM

Singapore is one of the top 10 richest countries per capita in the world but yet more than 25,000 women from low-income families in Singapore struggle to find and sustain a living. Daughters of Tomorrow (DOT) is an IPC charity that works with women from the bottom 10% of the socio-economic strata here in Singapore, to upskill and bridge them with sustainable livelihood opportunities. The women's challenges have been made more difficult by the Covid-19 pandemic as these women grapple with going back to work (sometimes in shift work) and childcare in an uncertain environment where they may be required to pick their children up from childcare at the last minute if there is a covid case on the premises.

Aunty.sg is an online platform that provides women in Singapore the opportunity to earn a side income as babysitters. These babysitters are screened and vetted by Aunty.sg's lady founder who used to be a recruiter.

This fundraiser allows Aunty.sg to help plug the gap by providing the mothers from the DOT community with access to babysitters that can be booked within an hour to provide contingency childcare services. This allows mothers to return to and remain in the workforce with greater peace of mind.

With your donation, besides providing contingency childcare services to mothers in need, you will also be helping to provide babysitting employment opportunities to women in Singapore.

Donations made via this campaign would be eligible for Toteboard's matching.

About Campaign

The lack of childminding support is one of the biggest factors preventing a woman from being gainfully employed. Even though there are childcare institutions in Singapore, most operate during standard office hours, and impose fines when parents are late in picking their children up. This results in women with caregiving responsibilities being unable to sustain jobs in industries that do not adhere to these standard hours. Even if they do work the standard office hours, childcare emergencies such as a child suddenly falling sick and being unable to go to school, might require a woman to have to make the difficult choice between career and family.

With that in mind, a few of our community leaders launched the Community Childminding Network, catering for after-childcare hours and contingency support to help low-income women access and hold jobs in the retail, hospitality, F&B and sectors with rotating shifts. These service sectors often face a shortage of manpower, and the main contributing factor is that these jobs are based on shift work and usually require them to work on weekends.

But this problem is not immediately solved by gaining employment. Since salary payments usually come at the end of the month, women would still require support in their first few months on the job.

About The Charity

Empowering Women, Enabling Families.

Daughters Of Tomorrow is a registered charity organization with IPC status in Singapore whose mission is to facilitate livelihood opportunities for underprivileged women, and support them in achieving financial independence and social mobility for their families.

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