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ends 17 Jul 2022, 11:59 PM

Hi, we are a family friend of Laiqa Neelofa, a child aged 8 years old who is helping her out to reach out to everyone around the world to get help on getting her a new manual wheelchair which is spoilt and outgrown, walking stick, AFO (a special shoes for cerebral palsy patients), other walking aids, regular therapy and check ups for her.

She have missed a lot of therapy and check up due to the financial problem her family is facing. As his dad is the only solebreadwinner but because due to the her mummy who is diagnosed with cardiac arrest and slipdisc, she is unable to work and be at home taking care of 5 kids. Her grandpa was recently diagnosed with high blood pressure and stroke. Hence they had trouble sending Laiqa for check up and have outstanding with therapy fees due to the financial tightness.

So i really urge if anyone out there can give out a helping hand to this little pretty angel here as she is very ambitious and wanting to learn how to dance but she says she won't be able to because of her legs. So i really hope so much even if we could not make her dream to be a dancer could not come true but at least with all the things and the therapy/check up she needs will be able to make her walk like a normal kid will make her happy.

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