Our Campaign Story

ends 03 Aug 2018, 11:59 PM

Pertapis Halfway House is a centre for drug rehabilitation. We believe that drug offenders will have a higher success rate of rehabilitation if they are reintegrated back into their families.

The purpose of this campaign is to organize kayaking and barbecue activities for the families so that they can bond closer and share about their feelings with each other through the activities.

As such, we are reaching out to the public to give towards this cause so that the ex-drug offenders can be reintegrated into their families and contribute back to society as useful members.

About The Charity

Our welfare programmes emphasise on the importance of education among our child-residents to ensure they do not miss the opportunity for a better future. We do the same with other residents by helping them to cultivate a sense of purpose and self-respect by providing them the opportunities to learn a trade/skill useful to them when they leave the rehabilitation centers.We receive per capital funding from the relevant authority up to 60% of our expenditures. The remaining 40% are made out through public donations and our own self-help fund raising projects.We have helped more than 800 poor and needy families, 800 children, 6000 troubled teenagers and girls in moral danger, 200 senior citizens and 2100 recovering drug addicts. The extent and varied nature of our activities is well explained in their numbers.


Fundraising can help to raise more and change more lives.

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