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ends 30 Sep 2021, 11:59 PM

Family = Basic Unit of Society
Stronger Families, Greater Nations!

Due to COVID-19, many families struggling to stay afloat before are in an even more precarious situation. The pandemic has taken a toll on many, even more for the lower income families, due to the reduced income or loss of jobs. According to a study, the median income of families who sought help from charity fell from $1,600 to $500.

Dr Stephanie Chok said: "The financial impact of Covid-19 has been brutal for low-income families, who grappled not just with economic hardship but multiple forms of insecurity. "

One of the most pressing consequences is not having enough food. Although there are official financial aid schemes to help, it is barely enough.

As students of Jurong Secondary School, we would like to espouse our School Values of “Love” and our School Vision “Leaders with Heart” through this fundraising. We hope to get everyone to extend our “Love” and warm the “Hearts” of these families.

Together, we can place sufficient food on their table.
Together, we can help provide their children with books.
Together, we can paint smiles on their faces.

The efforts of one person can't move mountains.
It's the strength of us all working together that makes a change.
We can help to be the pillars of support for these families.

We seek your support in achieving our goal to help the needy in our community.

Share this fundraising with your family and friends. Thank you.

About Campaign

The Singapore Red Cross continues to brace itself for a steep drop in cash donations in this current unfortunate COVID-19 climate which is critically needed to ramp up our efforts to uplift the most vulnerable in our community, who are amongst the hardest hit.

At Singapore Red Cross, your contributions go towards helping our seniors, families, disabled, and vulnerable in the community:

- Red Cross Home for the Disabled (RCHD)and Day Activity Centre (DAC), which provides residential, respite and daycare services to over 100 adults and children with multiple disabilities.

- ElderAid and HoME+ (Home Monitoring and Eldercare), mobilises community volunteers in caring, befriending and building the resilience of the elderly. HoME+ provides home monitoring and response for seniors living on their own.

- TransportAid, enables the elderly and/or disabled from low-income homes to get to and from their medical treatments, rehabilitation and daycare centres.

- Family LifeAid, provides food vouchers and nutritious food to low-income families, hand-delivered with love.

- Centre for Occupational Learning and Employment (COLE) mitigates the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on the livelihoods of vulnerable communities, through basic employability training and job facilitation for Singaporeans.

Please do support us to ensure our beneficiaries receive the help they need. Be a Champion for them today!

Thank you from all of us at Singapore Red Cross! #CityofGood

About The Charity

The Singapore Red Cross (SRC) is a homegrown humanitarian organisation dedicated to relieve human suffering, protect lives and dignity and respond to emergencies since 1949. Our blood donor mobilisation programme, home for the disabled, transport aid, food aid, community led action for resilience, community first aid and training derive from our mission to serve the vulnerable.

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