Birthdays are about joy in life

by Pearl Lam

for Assisi Hospice


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Birthdays, I think, are moments of joy in life. It doesn't matter if one has months or years ahead in life, birthdays are to be celebrated.

Instead of birthday presents this year, I'll be happiest if you can share that moment with me, by donating to Assisi Hospice.

Thanks and wishing that you, in the words of Spock, Live Long and Prosper!

God bless.

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Assisi Hospice provides hospice and palliative care to patients with life limiting illnesses, caring for them and their families, regardless of faith, age, race and financial position. A Catholic charity, it believes that compassionate end-of-life care is less about 'waiting for the last day' and more about 'living to the last day'. Patients' symptoms when properly managed allow them to live life comfortably with peace and dignity. Each year, we care for more than 1,000 patients. To meet the growing needs and demands, we are expanding our services and increasing our support in the areas of nursing, medical, counselling, spiritual, social and emotional care, physiotherapy and occupational therapy.

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