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ends 30 Nov 2020, 11:59 PM

Dear friends! I am taking part in Lakeside Family Services' "A Million Steps" to raise awareness and funds for Lakeside's programmes & services that help the incarcerated reintegrate back into society.

For many of the ex-incarcerated, reintegrating back to society is really like a journey of many miles and I thought I can do a small part to help.

Sooo.. though I dislike walking / jogging, I am going to try and do 10,000 steps a week until 23 October (yes... i know people are supposed to accumulate 10k a day but we all have to start somewhere... hahaha)

You can support them too by making a donation (any amount is greatly appreciated) or Walk and share this campaign with your friends and family too! Just accumulate your steps as your are out to the market, strolling along the beach or walking your dog. Any form of walking / running will do.

If you are interested, you can find out more about this campaign at: https://www.lakeside.org.sg/support-us/a-million-steps/

About Campaign

A Million Steps raises funds for Lakeside Family Services' work serving (ex-)inmates and their families.

We aim to inspire hope, reconnect families, and support them in their journey to reintegration.

Lakeside provides a wide range of services, including the Family Resource Centre, a one-stop centre for prisoners and their families, which is based at Changi Prison Link Centre.

We also provide Case Management Support for those who are on the Work Release Scheme, as well as life skills workshops through our Release Preparation Programme.

In addition, Lakeside provides Televisit services for families to visit their loved ones in prison through our teleconferencing facility, as well as holistic programmes for financial assistance, family bonding, and casework support after they are released.

While some of these programmes are funded by Singapore Prisons Services, other value-added services still require fundraising support to provide for the needs of ex-inmates and their families.

Staff, volunteers & friends of Lakeside will attempt to walk A Million Steps to raise $280,000.

Find out more via www.lakeside.org.sg/support-us/a-million-steps

About The Charity

Lakeside is a charity which has served the community since 1993, regardless of race, language, or religion.

We help develop resilience in disadvantaged children, mould troubled youths into contributing individuals, empower seniors to help lonely seniors, assist ex-offenders in reintegrating into society, and help women with unsupported pregnancies.

We are an Institution of a Public Character (IPC) and a member of the National Council of Social Service (NCSS).

Find out more at www.lakeside.org.sg.

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