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ends 06 Jul 2020, 11:59 PM

Thank you for dropping by with the heart of wanting to do good; it's indeed an important first step. :)

Covid-19 is negatively impacting us all, more so than ever to vulnerable groups such as those living in poverty. Many of them are already struggling to sustain basic living before the virus, and are now thrown into deeper danger on the back of reduced work hours, retrenchments, loss of income.

If I may illustrate this, they are now hanging by a thread on the edge of the cliff, with their helpless loved ones witnessing in distress. Standing on the sides with extra ropes in our hands, I think we ought to give them a fighting chance at least.

Beyond Social Services serves over 3k families and 6k children and youth living in rental flats and with a per capita income of approx. $200/mth (qualifying criteria to receive help in SG is $500). They also provide these youths with much-needed guidance and resources to keep them on the right track and eventually break away from the poverty cycle.

Giving.sg is waiving off fees now, so be sure that 100% of your donation will directly benefit these groups through Beyond's Covid-19 Family Assistance Fund.

Your generosity will go a long way, not just in feeding someone, but also to nurture lives that will continue to contribute back to society. The returns are exponential!

With Gratitude,

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About The Charity

Beyond serves disadvantaged young people and their families to move them beyond their problems. We want to develop young people who respect the law, value education and seek to become responsible persons.

Keeping young lives on track is about building a community where they can grow, contribute and believe that they are a part of. Beyond works to build inclusive communities where young people, local neighbourhoods, and wider society, can come together to share their gifts and cooperate on resolving their issues.

We value inter-organisational collaboration & will steadily expand by building networks of individuals and organisations that contribute towards our vision. We believe that our target group always benefits when more members of the community take an active interest in their well-being.


Fundraising can help to raise more and change more lives.

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