Our Campaign Story

ends 30 Sep 2020, 11:59 PM

Dementia is detrimental, both to the patient and to the people around them. It is immensely saddening and utterly heart-breaking to see the affected breaking down bit by bit like a slowly-unraveling thread, gradually losing sense of their surroundings and any recollection of the people whom they once held most dear. For all intents and purposes, the affected are fighting an impossible battle they cannot hope to escape from, let alone win. The loneliness would undoubtedly be extremely painful and unbearable, but due to the machinations of the disease, they cannot share their thoughts and feelings with any clarity.

As someone who has lived with and recently lost a loved one to dementia, the disease is something that will remain close to my heart for the rest of my life. While I deeply appreciate all gifts and thoughts for my golden jubilee, I would like for you to channel your kindness to the people who really need it. Instead of getting a gift, I beseech you to make a small donation to the Assisi Hospice, which has a specialized ward for dementia palliative care. The donations will go an extremely long way in making the last lap for dementia patients that much better and more comfortable, in the care of healthcare professionals committed to every aspect of their well-being. If you have already procured a gift for me (thank you), I will make a donation of equivalent value to the campaign on your behalf. Thank you very much and I look forward to your keen participation.

About The Charity

Journey with us to support our needy patients with terminal illness and their caregivers. Assisi Hospice provides palliative care for patients and families that preserves their dignity and quality of life. Patients of any race, faith and financial position are cared for by our team of specialist doctors, nurses, allied health and pastoral care professionals. When faced with life limiting illnesses, our patients receive medical care, as well as psychosocial, emotional and spiritual care.

We provide care for patients across the continuum of Home Care, Inpatient and Day Care. This allows patients and family members to journey with a clinical team they are familiar with, and to receive care in the way that they need. Our six-storey purpose-built hospice provides a homely ambience with cosy spaces for patients and their loved ones. With 85 Inpatient beds, including specialised wards for Dementia Palliative Care and Paediatric Palliative Care, a Day Care Centre and the outreach of our Home Care team, we serve more than 2,000 patients a year.

Founded in 1969 by the Sisters of the Franciscan Missionaries of the Divine Motherhood (FMDM), we are a charity supported by donors, volunteers and corporate organisations who journey with us in our cause.


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