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ends 01 Apr 2023, 11:59 PM

We are very blessed to have Ishaa, our dogs, loving family and friends, a roof over our heads & food on the table. We have everything we need and there is nothing else material we need.

We'd be grateful if you can contribute in lieu of a birthday present for Ishaa so that more financially disadvantaged children can benefit from much needed medical treatment and medications.

The NUH Children's Fund enables young patients in need of financial aid to continue with treatment and alleviate the stress faced by their parents and families.

About The Charity

NUHS Fund Limited (NUHS Fund) is a Company Limited by Guarantee (CLG) and a registered charity with IPC status. The charity was set up by NUHS to promote medical research and development as well as provide health related services for the benefit of the Singapore Community. A key priority is to support the patients assessed to be in financial need to help them with their recovery journeys.

NUHS Fund relies on the support of benefactors and donors, and every dollar donated goes in its entirety to support the beneficiaries in their recovery journeys (unless otherwise indicated in specific campaigns).

(Website Link: https://www.nuhs.edu.sg/Make-a-Gift/About-NUHS-Fund/Pages/default.aspx)

By donating through Giving.sg, I agree to the use of my personal data by NUHS Fund Limited (NUHS Fund), managed by the NUHS Development Office, which is needed for gift processing administration. I understand that the use of my personal data will be strictly in accordance with their data protection policy and will be for purposes related to fundraising only. Information on the NUHS' data protection policy is available at https://www.nuhs.edu.sg/Pages/Personal-Data-Protection-Act.aspx


Fundraising can help to raise more and change more lives.

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