Our Campaign Story

ends 31 Aug 2020, 11:59 PM

The COVID-19 situation has deeply hurt our migrant workers, who make up the majority of those affected. Due to circuit breaker measures, many of their jobsites have been closed, leading to financial insecurity. Many of them go each day not knowing if they will have meals, can call and return money to their loved ones. Worse still, many of them do not know where they can go to find help for these issues.

To support our migrant workers, we will be running various distances from 30-31 May to raise funds for Healthserve. Healthserve provides a variety of medical, food and consultation services for these workers. The money raised from this marathon will go to providing healthcare services in Healthserve's clinics, meals and other consultation services for the migrant workers.

These runs will be done individually and uploaded on various fitness apps, such as Strava, and social media. We encourage you to donate to our campaign, or join us by running a distance of your choice from 30-31 May.

As we receive our solidarity packages and work from home, let's not forget the incredible people who built our country and made the homes, workplaces and malls we treasure.
Every donation goes a long way. Just $10 can keep a migrant brother fed for another two days, and $20 can maintain transportation for a migrant brother for two weeks.

Please share the campaign with your friends and family over social media by sharing the link: giving.sg/campaigns/irunwithhealthserve

About The Charity

Founded in 2006, HealthServe is a non-profit community organisation dedicated to providing healing and hope to the low-wage migrant workers in Singapore.

HealthServe opened its first medical clinic in Geylang in July 2007. Since then, thousands of migrant workers have come through our doors. In order to better serve the complex and intertwined needs of the migrant community, we opened additional clinics in Jurong and Mandai, and expanded our programming to include casework, pro bono legal services, counselling, social assistance, two emergency shelters, research, advocacy, and outreach programmes.

HealthServe's programmes are run by a small team of dedicated staff and supported by a wide network of volunteers, educational institutions, corporations and community organisations. HealthServe envisions a world where every migrant worker lives a life of dignity, and we hope to have as many people as possible join us in achieving this aim.


Fundraising can help to raise more and change more lives.