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ends 23 Jul 2018, 11:59 PM

He may have only 3 legs left, but this black pup still has a lot of fight in him! Will you help our little fighter undergo surgery to help his broken leg get better?

Hopper hangs around a big car park with a bunch of other strays, regularly fed by bus drivers and feeders in the area. Awfully shy by nature, this fast runner is known to dash away at the mere sight of humans. Feeders have to set his food down and retreat at least 50m away before he dares to approach and consume his meal.

One of the bus drivers noticed about 2 weeks ago that Hopper's leg was injured, and quickly contacted the animal rescue groups. Despite being handicapped, he was still extremely agile and quick on his 3 feet! Several parties tried to capture him but failed in all attempts. After engaging the help of a professional trapper, we finally managed to lure him into a cage with yummy food and brought him back to our shelter.

Hopper is currently resting and awaiting surgery for his mangled leg. Judging from the severity of his injury, it is likely that he had gotten his poor leg ensnared by a wild boar trap, and had to snag it off to escape. His body is also covered in multiple wounds, telling of a run-in and struggle with wild boars in the area. Despite his condition, Hopper is still lively and energetic, showing no signs of succumbing to his injuries.

Please help Hopper undergo surgery to ease his pain and get better quickly, before any infection or complications arise. No amount is too small.

About The Charity

SOSD is a volunteer-run organisation dedicated to the welfare of Singapore's many street dogs.

Our mission is to eliminate cruelty to and abandonment of animals, enhancing their welfare, and improving the lives of animals and humans, through rescue, education and advocacy.

SOSD relies on the generosity of the public to support its shelters at Sungei Tengah and Jurong Island.

You can make a difference. Your kind donation will help in providing shelter, food, medicine, veterinary care and love to the rescued dogs.

Donations received in GivingSG will be pooled with other donations and be used to provide food, medicine, veterinary care and support for the dogs under SOSD's care. Donations may also be used to pay for other operational costs of SOSD's shelters, such as utilities, water, rental and transport costs and costs and expenses of its TNRM programme. This is inclusive of donations raised in all of SOSD's campaigns.

Your donation details will be submitted to IRAS automatically by SOSD.

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