Our Campaign Story

ends 17 Jul 2020, 11:59 PM

Our small change can buy an ice-cream, a pen, or also lend a helping hand. No change is ever too little. Every small change, when multiplied by millions of kind-hearted souls, can make a big impact.

NTU Caretalyst is collaborating with Fei Yue Community Service Centre to raise funds
for over 50 youth-at-risk and their families under their Integrated Service Provider and Youth Go! programmes, that are affected by COVID-19.

The end of the circuit breaker does not mean an end to the financial woes of the youths and their families. For the parents, the spillover effect of COVID-19 resulted in many of them
losing their jobs, putting their financial situation in a precarious state.

With your support, you can make a difference.

90% of the donations will be used to purchase care packs for the youths and their families. The remaining donations will be used to purchase supplies for staff and volunteers who go on the streets to reach out to these youths.

Care Packs for families under ISP and YouthGo!:
1.Supermarket Vouchers
2. Masks
3. Hand sanitizer
4. Wet wipes

Supplies for staff involved in reaching out to youths:
1. Masks
2. Sanitisers
3. Thermometers

About The Charity

Fei Yue Community Services is a non-profit voluntary welfare organisation with the mission to effect life transformation through the provision of quality social services. We are committed to serving and reaching out to the needy in Singapore through diverse services and programmes catered to the needs of different client populations. We believe in promoting social development among all ages, advocating strong family ties in the society and inculcating the spirit of volunteerism in the community.


Fundraising can help to raise more and change more lives.

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