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ends 29 Oct 2021, 11:59 PM

Travelling outside could be difficult for people through their recovery from injuries like strokes and fractures, or who suffer from pain in the neck or back.
SATA CommHealth offers a wide range of rehabilitation services which include occupational therapy and physiotherapy services. Both the Occupational and Physiotherapy services are here to facilitate a holistic road to recovery or offer strategies in enabling the patient to lead a life as independent as possible.

SATA CommHealth Rehabilitation Services help the seniors and vulnerable to ensure they can travel outside and at home with ease. There are various financial assistance and avenues that are in place to assist the patients to receive therapy services with a peace of mind.

Your donations will be used to fund this programme as well as other SATA CommHealth's programmes for the seniors and vulnerable.

About Campaign

Performing daily tasks with limited mobility can be challenging and restricting, physically and mentally. On top of that, financial difficulties make the situation worse.

As a mission to promote lifelong health and serving the community, SATA CommHealth offers a wide range of rehabilitation services, including occupational therapy and physiotherapy sessions, to help and empower patients with financial difficulties and suffering from injuries and pain that limit their mobility.

Our Physiotherapy Services aim to help patients get back on their feet by making sure that medical care and guided support are never out of reach. For the aged and wheelchair-bound patients, we have provided convenience by ferrying them to and fro their physiotherapy sessions with our vehicles. Our Occupational Therapy service is also steadfast in assisting those in need to regain their independence and improve their quality of life.

Our core purpose of serving the community is only made possible because of all your continued support and contributions. With your kind donation, SATA CommHealth will be able to continue this service initiative to many needy patients in the community.

SATA CommHealth is an Institution of Public Character (IPC), and all local donations qualify for 2.5 times tax deduction benefits.

Your donations will be used to fund this programme as well as other SATA CommHealth's programmes for the seniors and vulnerable.

About The Charity

SATA CommHealth was established in 1947. As an IPC charity, we are Here To Care for the health of seniors and the vulnerable in the community. We serve around 200,000 patients in the medical centres every year, and the proceeds are channelled to help fund our community services.

Our beneficiaries are served through community events, subsidised care at our medical centres as well as home and centre-based services which include homecare, doctors-on-wheels, day rehabilitation centres and Fernvale Community Hub.

We were awarded the Charity Governance Award (Large Charities category) in 2018. For three consecutive years, we were also awarded the Charity Transparency Award by the Charity Council for its exemplary disclosure practices.

We continue to fight the COVID-19 pandemic, supporting MOH and community partners, in various areas such as providing vaccinations via our Mobile Vaccination Teams and Vaccination Centre, administering ART and PCR swabs and managing patients in our Public Health Preparedness Clinics.

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