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ends 18 Jan 2018, 11:59 PM

At Prey Veng,Cambodia most of the people survive on less than $1USD per day.
Here the rate of people living below the poverty line is around 53%, 36% below the national average. They work long hours in worst of conditions ,working near the garbage dumps in the blistering sun, using rivers as toilets, sleeping on sidewalks and scraping to find proper shelter. As they and their families live and breathe air near the garbage dump it makes them and the little children sick and weak.They don't have the money for medical care and sometimes can't even afford to buy medicines for their children.Their only dream is to live in a better home so that they and their families are not sick any more. A place with fresh air.

Lets help Operation hope in their efforts to end extreme poverty and in uplifting the lives of the poor by making a donation. For every $4,200 raised, you help operation Hope to donate a wooden house to the poorest of the families.

Let the homeless not sleep in the top of trash, let the poorest of families get a new life , a new Home and a new Hope !

About Campaign

UPDATE: We have achieved DOUBLE the targeted amount of $4,200 to build one house! The campaign will continue to run, allowing needy families to receive a new house with every $4,200 donation.

Thousands of poor Cambodians live in dilapidated shacks.

With a monthly income of only US$20 a month, they have hardly enough to feed themselves, let alone build a proper house. A house that provides shelter from the weather, security for their possessions, and adequate living space will improve their health and income since they need to spend less on medicine.

They can use the house to run a small business. A proper house allows the home owner to prepare snacks to sell, as utensils and ingredients can be safely stored. Children can study in the house. Health for the family is improved. A mother said she has to wrap herself and her children with plastic sheets whenever it rains because of the leaking roof.

Operation Hope Foundation have a vigorous survey methology to select the poorest of the poor to receive these houses. Unlike some other NGOs, we do not require the villagers to take up a mortgage to pay for the cost of the house. They pay a token sum of US$20.

Join us in uplifting the lives of the poor by making a donation of your preferred amount to a POOLED fund for Donate-A-House programme! For every $4,200 raised, you help to build a beautiful wooden house for a family and receive a softcopy photograph of the beneficiary with your donated house.

About The Charity

Operation Hope Foundation is a Singaporean based non profit founded 20 years ago. Our vision is to 'Make Hope Real for people trapped in poverty.'

We are a very passionate, dedicated and honest boutique NGO that works hard to support those in need. We operate primarily in Cambodia and Nepal, focusing on programmes that support children, education and community rebuilding.

Our overarching mission is to improve lives of the poor by providing basic needs, education, innovation and a nurturing environment. We are committed to using donations responsibly and effectively in order to maximise the benefit for people we support.

Please visit our website www.ohf.org.sg to learn more

If insufficient donations are received for a particular project, OHF will channel the funds to other areas where the need is greatest.