Our Campaign Story

ends 21 May 2021, 11:59 PM

On a pleasant morning, i went to the 'YMCA' school. The intent for us was to collaborate with the students ('high support group' individuals) and help them to use acrylic paints & sponges, color pencils and pens to paint and help express themselves on paper. The girl with whom I worked, absolutely enjoyed the use of colors. She was giggling and splashing the colors all over her hands and insisted on being taken to the wash basin to wash her hands off. She didn't want to get rid of the colors though and wanted to play with the water. Every bit of the color and water was therapeutic for her.

Artistry is something very close to my heart as my own 8 year old daughter is an artist and loves the use of acrylic paints on canvas.

Among the multiple volunteering activities that I have taken up in the field of education, this one has touched my heart the most. The experience for me was heartwarming. It was overwhelming to see their little pleasures which otherwise goes mostly unnoticed. Every person in that room was enjoying the session.And this is how my journey with them started. I have attended many sessions with them and each one comes with an unique experience.

Hence I am starting this campaign to raise funds to help them get more such experiences!

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