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ends 27 Oct 2017, 11:59 PM

Update: With a heavy heart, we wish to inform Terry has passed on. He didn't make it. But we still your help to meet the fundraising target, so that we will have sufficient funds to support the next dog that needs our help.
Terry was an SOS call for Help. After being rescued and sterilized, he collapsed suddenly. His vet recommended an emergency surgery to clear a blocked bladder. His kidneys were already failing and despite the high surgery risk, there weren't any choices left but to go ahead.

At Terry's 4 hour surgery, his urethra was found to be blocked. The blockage was cleared, leaving a urinary catheter inside to allow urine to drain. A second surgery is scheduled to remove the stitched-on urinary catheter that is attached in the bladder itself.

But before scheduled surgery, Terry kidney started to shutdown.

The sweet boy is fighting so hard. He is not able to walk, but lifts his head when his rescuers are near, as if wanting to say thank you, and that he wants to continue fighting.

We need your help to cover Terry's medical cost, so that we can have reserve to save the next dog in crisis. Terry vet bills are standing at $11200.

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SOSD is a volunteer-run organisation dedicated to the welfare of Singapore's many street dogs.

Our mission is to eliminate cruelty and abandonment of animals, enhancing their welfare, and improve the lives of animals and humans, through rescue, education and advocacy.

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